Belt Tests

Belts are awarded to signify the level of Tae Kwon Do  knowledge and skill.  The color of each belt has meaning and is earned by passing tests of increasing difficulty. 

Students must correctly perform kicking techniques, forms, bounce motions and know some Korean. Questions about Tae Kwon Do are also asked as part of the test. Students should study the requirements and be ready for all questions and required techniques.

The requirements for each belt test can be seen by selecting each belt color from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Videos of most of the walking forms are embedded in each belt requirement. You can also see the videos at  You may need to click on the uploads button and scroll around a bit to find the one you want but they are there. 

The Black Belt has special requirements.  Please see Polly or Master Han for further information.

White Belt Yellow Belt Orange Belt
Purple Belt Green Belt High Green Belt
Blue Belt High Blue Belt Brown Belt
High Brown Belt Red Belt High Red Belt
Danbo Belt